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Dated: 08/17/2017

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The next phase of has gone much slower, but I am still excited! At the end of July, Ireceived emails from two out of three companies I had chosen explaining thatthey appreciate the offer to give me a bid estimate for my roof, and that theywill be in contact with me soon. 


On one letter correspondence, I wasprovided a number and a contact person if I had any questions or concerns. Onthe same correspondence, I was informed that if I wanted any additional work orupgrades to be completed, I would need to inform the company ahead of time, sothey could provide me with a separate estimate. Of course, it would be an"out of pocket" expense to me, so I will not consider thatoption. 


The next letter correspondencestated that it could possibly take approximate 6-10 weeks before a bid estimateis scheduled, and 3 months before all 3 bid estimates could be done. The letterclearly stated that there was no need for me to contact them; just wait ontheir call.


Looking back;hindsight 20-20, Iprobably should have contacted the companies before choosing them online tofirst inquire about the length of time it would take to provide me with anestimate, and how long it would take to complete the roof work,altogether. 


One of the things that I have tokeep in mind is that there are alot of SAH applications out there, and we allhave to wait our turn.  All in all, it will eventually get done. Anotherthought that came to mind was since I am working, I know that I will have to scheduleall bid times near or at the end of my work day. However, if you have areliable adult present to be in your home to oversee the estimate process, thatwill be a good idea to consider.


In addition, with all of thecorrespondence coming in my email about SAH, it was a good idea that Itransferred all of my emails related to SAH to a named file of my choice forinstance "roof work" to ensure that I stay updated in the process.



More to come......

Sherry Lawrence  

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